Bo Keeney’s “Up in Smoke” music video focuses on an unknown individual who walks through the dying light across a desolate seaside terrain, toward a group of strangers round a fire. We never really get to know the character other than see glimpses, an outsider on a journey through the night.

Director Louis Hudson mixed the desolate seaside terrain of Norfolk with the ominous Buoys which light up as the character passes.

We shot the music video in sequence as we wanted to capture the golden hour of sunset, we calculated each shot with the light in mind and quickly moved from one location to the next. When the sun had set the crew could relax (a little) as the remaining shots required pure darkness!

We were lucky with the sunset, we couldn’t point the camera in the wrong direction! However, we had to move fast to get all the shots needed, we assigned a secondary team to control the buoys, inevitably everyone ending up in the drink at one point during the shoot, it was summer so the water wasn’t that cold…

Nice One Film was asked to shoot and grade the music video, using our RED ONE MX and graded using Assimilate’s Scratch, the effortless workflow between shoot, edit and grade helped deliver this project on time and on budget. It was a pleasure to work with Louis again on this lovely music video for Bo Keeney.

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