Tobias Marshall - DOP
These Streets
These Streets
These Streets
These Streets

Louis Hudson directed ‘These Streets’; it was an innovative idea. Louis wanted to project an image onto smoke to give 3D depth to the image with which the artist could interact with while performing.

So there were three elements, the artist performing, the projection and the smoke. The material for the projection was shot the previous day with the artist and her performance was live. That only leaves the smoke. Justin and Jess were brought into the project to advise on and assemble the smoke rig. Justin built the smoke box and also advised on the specific projector necessary to create the right illumination to be visible on the smoke.

“We found that the material for projection worked best if there were areas of contrast in the image, with a degree of depth for example a long corridor with windows, this would create a lot of depth that once you had a camera on a jib arm you could almost move through the image. As the light rays spread out further from the source, the smoke is wider nearer the camera than at the projector (we back projected) creating depth.” Tobias Marshall, DOP

All in all, a creative project with great technical requirements and it all worked fantastically!

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