Corporate Services


Video is one of the most successful forms of communication in a modern world where attention is always being pulled from one thing to another. In this busy world where advertising screams at you from all angles why not consider a sophisticated solution for getting your message across.

Nice One Film’s internal marketing team can take your product and design a concept with one of our directors that captures the essence of your product. We can produce high-quality, chic adverts for you that can go on your website, or to a wider market. We have links with a core branding agency who can analyse your brand and use their expertise with create stunning motion graphics and amazing designs.



When people hear the phrase corporate video, they think dull, boring, safe, but that does not have to be the case. We at Nice One film can provide a great a video that does not just serve a corporate purpose, it also is able to be fun and interesting.

Nice One Film has said goodbye to this old view of corporate videos and aims to use our expertise in video production, editing, graphics etc to create that video the isn’t identical to the last one because it is easy but the video you really want. The video that gets your ideas across.



Preparing Quarterly and Annual reviews can often seem like a dull and tedious task, and if you find the preparation tedious, imagine what those viewing it will think. Nice One Film can inject a bit of life into your Internal communications. Just because they are internal does not mean that they have to be boring!

Our expert graphics team know how to present statistics in a way that is both interesting and informative, and you won’t have to drop the temperature in the conference room to keep people awake.



Nice One Film is able to take the core training principles of your business and present them clearly and concisely, but also in a way that will not bore the viewer rigid. Whether it is a health and safety training video, or one that demonstrates your systems and processes our team can produce chic videos that get the message across.

Our team has access to studios and the post-production expertise to do anything you want, whether  you want to walk through your software, or just show a mouse clicking across the screen we can do it.