Production Services


Online content is becoming more prominent in the world of media and marketing and Nice One Film is able to provide video content tailored to the specific market that you are aiming for. Whether it is your own on line drama, channel or promo, Nice One is a here to help you shine.

From branding, to treatments, screen plays to storyboards, along with our in-house social media team, we have exactly what it takes to create and expose you and your content.

Did we mention that we have on site, 3 post-production suits fully equipped for every post op department including Editing, Grading, VFX and Audio. Our team of friendly and accessible professional will wow both you and/or your client with the expertise to make your content stand out online.



Nice One Film enjoys working on larger projects that often end up as broadcasted programmes. You can come to us with a fledgling idea or a fully blown script and we can help.

There are many ways Nice One can be involved. As a production team, from the outset, or tapping into our team of professionals to provide and manage crew. We can be there for every aspect of the production or we can cover any individual aspect of the process.