A Police Detective investigates a series of suspicious deaths, only to discover the nature of the crimes are far closer to him than he first thought.


A promising young detective, Ryan Barnes, arrives home on his anniversary to find his wife has been in a devastating car accident.

Seven months later she is still in a coma and Barnes, unable to accept her condition, throws himself into a new investigation that soon develops into a murder investigation and manhunt for a serial killer. The evidence begins to points heavily towards the man responsible for his wife’s accident, Mike Evans.

After discovering the victims all suffered from degenerative conditions, Barnes and veteran DCI John Faulkner enlist the help of mental health specialist, Dr. Joanne Hill to help understand the nature of the crimes. Barnes becomes increasingly frustrated as the manhunt continues, trying to contain his grief whilst he closes in on Mike Evans.

Despite the team’s best efforts, the killer stays one step ahead, with the team at a lose and unable to find a solid lead in the case. As a warped game of cat and mouse ensues, Barnes is forced to confront the possibility that he is chasing an altruistic killer, the likes of which he has never encountered before.

As the investigation comes to a head, Barnes is forced to accept that there are parallels between his own wife and the victims, and begins to question his own moral beliefs. As he desperately searches for the killer, Barnes’ doubts increase.

Do the motives of the crimes fit the killer he is chasing?


Technical Details

Written & Directed by: Dom Lenoir


Status of Production: Completed


IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5973658/

Awards and Festivals

London Independent Film Festival: Best UK Feature
London Independent Film Festival: Best Low-Budget Feature
Widescreen Film & Video Festival: Best Feature
Hollywood Florida Film Festival: Best Foreign Feature Film
Hollywood Florida Film Festival: Best Actor in a Feature Film


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